Vince Blaber formed Smart Departure Inc. after 32+ years in the FAA as an Air Traffic Controller and Traffic Management Coordinator at Chicago Air Route Traffic Control Center (ARTCC). He spent 23 years controlling live traffic in three different areas of specialization, primarily sequencing Chicago O’Hare arrivals from the East Coast and overseas, and the last nine years in the Traffic Management Unit (TMU). Over the last several years he has been the preeminent Chicago Center TMU representative for the National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA), Advanced Navigation Group, Traffic Flow Management Systems (TFMS), Time Based Flow Management (TBFM), Coded Departure Routes (CDRs), Route Availability Planning Tool (RAPT), Pre Departure Reroute & Airborne Reroute (ABRR/PDRR) and several other NEXGEN initiatives.

My mission is to bring Air traffic expertise to the airline industry to help improve capacity & demand planning during weather/special events.

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